Fuel Junkies #7



Start Date and time
26th January 2019
7:30 PM

End Date and time
26th January 2019
11:30 PM

Beaconsfield Services, A355, Hedgerley, Beaconsfield , HP9 2SE


As our last few meets we’re very successful, we’re proceeding in the next chapter of our story. We’re hoping you guys are going to make this one bigger and better with some awesome cars turning up. We will have some special guests attending, which will be announced closer to the time! Hope to see you guys there, don’t forget to share your ride so we know who to look out for. Our in house photographer will be snapping away and videoing. I will also be contacting a few others on their availability so it should be well covered... Usual rules apply... This is a static meet! - NO excessive revving. (Yeah ok if you have something special give a lil demo. But if you got a fart can with a engine that sounds like it can just about pull the skin off a rice pudding then don't bother. Same goes to you key bangers!) - NO wheel spinning/ burnouts/ skids. (As much as you may think you're scoring points with that bird you caught eyes with when you was entering the car park. Yanking that handbrake won't actually make her panties drop!) - NO excessive music. (As much as we all love a good tune. Not everyone appriciates your "Sick Choones 2016 Mixtape" also can draw unwanted attention. So keep it down please) - Respect the area and others... This isn't a competition. We all share the same passion. We are all on different levels/goals with our cars. Get out your cars. Don't park and pose. Interact with each other! Also do us this one massive favour and please don't litter! Take it in the car and throw it in the bin later if there is no bin nearby! Oh and don't be a knob :)


Car required to attend

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Convoy instructions
Meet your mates with a convoy on teh a40 by creating one on Car Huddle

Power Station

Nearest V Power Station




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Please help us grow and share for your benefit as well as ours! Tell your friends! Unless they are one of those bellends I mentioned earlier that wants hero points! Peace ✌️ #FuelJunkies


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