Suffolk Motor Show



Start Date and time
17th August 2019
12:00 PM

End Date and time
18th August 2019
6:00 PM

TSR Motors, Eriswell Hall Barns, Little Eriswell, Suffolk, IP27 9AH


Once upon a time... In a sleepy village in Suffolk.. On a cold, snowy winter's day back in November 2016 (sounds good but it was really one of those dreary, grey days that just seem to never end!), two petrol heads got together and discussed the possibility of doing a motor show at the premises of TSR Motors Limited in Eriswell/Lakenheath. These two petrol heads were Babs Craig and Tim Stevens, both experienced in organising and managing events. Criteria being – relaxed, friendly, family atmosphere, anything with a motor to be included, annual and for charity. Babs has extensive experience in organising all types of shows and other events, always for charity, motorbikes, cars, steam engines, bands, fish, pretty much everything! And through this, has built up an extensive array of contacts in the area in all the potential attendees and trade stands, etc Tim brought to the table the space for the show and experience of organising car shows, bike shows, bands, all of which were for charity and construction events/forums/CPD events for construction professionals (via the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB)). The first biggest discussion was the name of the show and after many, many iterations, the name Suffolk Motor Show was decided upon; it fitted the show and amazingly, no-one was using this name for any other show; the name was set and the show born! With the logo designed, the posters and flyers organised, Babs tirelessly promoted the show locally everywhere possible and then some; facebook, posters and face to face at the events attended. For the first show, Suffolk Motor Show 2017, caterers from RAF Mildenhall were engaged for burgers, Funnel cake and other delicacies. Grass cut, toilets in place, show areas set out, here we go!


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