Crowle and Ealand 1940's



Start Date and time
21st September 2019
10:00 AM

End Date and time
22nd September 2019
5:00 PM

7 Lakes Country Park Wharf Road, Crowle, Scunthorpe, DN17 4JS


Here's a little bit about us and how we got started with this fantastic event. On a cold wet night in November 2015 I sat with my own thoughts thinking of what myself and the Local Community could do to put our area on the map and to have a good time enjoyed by all? Not an easy task you may say. It came to me reading of an event held not very far away from here, a "Wartime weekend of the 1940's" I asked around if anyone was interested but, got some blank looks and sighs so, I then went on social media and stated "Anyone interested in a 1940's weekend for this area?" As they say, "the rest is history" the response I got from local people and businesses in this area was tremendous. At the first meeting we held, a full committee and officials was born, some 15 people from all walks of life and the input we have had from 7 Lakes our main location has been fantastic. Since then we have had many participating people from residents and business alike and I would like to say, a very big thank you to all who have contributed financially to support us and see this event get off the ground. Of course, the 2016 event was our very first of this kind so, we know we may not have got it quite right and we have learned a lot along the way too, but in the main we will by now have got plenty of areas where we can improve and become one of the largest events of this kind in this area. One of our aims is to raise enough money to purchase a Memorial to the aircrew who crashed near to Crowle's Marsh Lane where two of that crew still lay to this day. This will require permissions from a few authorities and perhaps some we do not know of yet! It will be a heart-warming act if we can achieve it. There are a few areas we will look at other than this, such as funding a couple of veterans who may wish to go back to places like Normandy to remember their comrades and be with them once more. Most of all to put the event on the road again next year too! So, if you see a 'donation bucket', chuck a couple of Bob in it won't you. Thanks. I sincerely hope that all who attend this event, enjoy it and perhaps learn something of historical value, from days gone by that I am sure were sometimes "fun, sometimes sad, sometimes heart-breaking, both at home and in battle" but if you join us for the next 1940's weekend let's all not forget, though to have a really good time living it again. Finally, a very big THANK YOU to all who have got this show on the road, those who have given up their time to be here and exhibit, trade or help, and most of all to the committee of this event. Well done! Best wishes to all, keep smiling, singing and dancing but most of all, Remember. Want to Bring your Vehicle If you own a Vintage/military Vehicle then we would be pleased to see you at our Crowle and Ealand 1940's Event. The invitation is open to all vehicles which can truly be classed as 'vintage' or 'classic' and although this is a '1940s event' vehicles from the 20s, 30s, 50s and 60s are equally welcome. If you have a vintage car, tractor, bus, military vehicle or similar then please get in touch. Although we would love you to stay all weekend, please do feel free to just 'drop by' and stay for a while. We do however need to know who's coming to ensure you the space needed - please get in touch as soon as you can. Thank you


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