Modified Nationals 2019



Start Date and time
19th April 2019
2:00 PM

End Date and time
21st April 2019
5:00 PM

NAEC Stoneleigh , Kenilworth, Warwickshire, CV8 2LZ


Biggest is best! Modified Nationals is the UK’s largest indoor and outdoor car show with the wildest show cars, slick entertainment Trade Stands, Drift Taxis, Stunt Shows and lots of special show offers. The UK’s Top Show Cars will take pride of place in the exhibition halls, plus the outside area will be keeping it real, showcasing the Best Car club stands in the country, with more than 2500 cars representing their club. All of these rides will give you bags of modding ideas and inspiration. Tickets and info at Child-friendly NEW FOR 2019 - £800 PRIZE FUND ALL inside Show Cars will be judged on Saturday, the "ULTIMATE 8" will go through to Sundays final judging. All "ULTIMATE 8" Show Cars will win £100 and a detailing goodie bag. NEW for 2019 - There are over 100 indoor show car places up for grabs. Ultimate Show Car Exhibition Hall - Hall 2 If you want to apply to show your car inside Exhibition Hall 2, Please complete the form below with your photos and ticket number. To display your vehicle in this hall you need to purchase a weekend ticket. New - Lowered Life & Multi Media Hall - Hall 1 Sponsored by Car Audio & Security. If you want to apply to for a space inside Exhibition Hall 2 please complete the online form below with photos and your ticket number. To display your vehicle in this hall you need to purchase a weekend ticket. Slammed Plaza Sponsored by SlammedUK This area is outside the Exhibition Halls main doors. Please complete the online form below with your photos and ticket number. Outdoor Life - Drive-in Show Car This option is outside, you do not need to complete the form. Just purchase tickets online. Completing the form 1/ Buy your weekend ticket and add the ticket number to the form 2/ Select the Option. 3/ Add your photos. 4/ Submit your form Remember your car is judged on the photos you provide.


Car required to attend
modified if you are entering a competition

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Convoy instructions
Meet your mates on the way by arranging a convoy on car huddle

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EARLY BIRD - Get your tickets before Jan 31 and save ..............!! Queue Jump (Arrive from 10am) £45 Weekend Tickets (Arrive from 2pm) £40 Day Tickets £18 FAQ's Can I buy tickets if I’m not showing my car? Everyone is welcome to come along to the event. What time can I get in? Queue Jump - can arrive from 10am Friday Weekend Admission - can arrive Friday from 2pm Gate Closes - Friday 10pm Weekend Gate re-opens - Saturday 7.30am for those with weekend tickets or those on stands Show Times Day Gate opens - 9.30am - 5pm Saturday & Sunday. I can’t come until Sat ? That’s ok, you only need to arrive in time to be on your stand (if it applies) Can I Play music in the camp site? Only QUIET music (No Bass) is allowed in the camping areas at all times. No music is allowed after 9pm. The evening entertainment is open until till late for those who want to stay up. Can I park next to my tent? Camping with your car is allowed however Driving around the campsite will not be permitted. Zero tolerance, you will be removed from site if you are found driving around the campsite. What is Dangerous Driving? Donuts, Sliding, Drifting is NOT permitted. Anyone driving in a dangerous manner will have their wristband removed and be removed from site. Will my vehicle be searched? Vehicles will be searched on arrival at the venue for forbidden items. What are the rules about Vehicle movement? Modified Nationals is a static event. There is no vehicle movement on the grounds between 9am and 5pm Saturday and Sunday. There is a Curfew of 10pm Friday on entry to the campsite for and 9pm Saturday. Once in the campsite vehicle movement is FORBIDDEN unless you are moving your vehicle to your show position. Can I bring a Caravan? A Reserved camping pitch is recommended. Caravans will be allowed in the camping areas at no extra charge. However once on site they will not be allowed to move once parked up. Can I bring a Dog? Sorry, Dogs are not allowed on site. Can I bring Alcohol? You are permitted to bring you own alcohol. Please do not bring spirits or excessive amounts. ONLY cans or plastic bottles will be allowed. Glass is not allowed on site. Can I bring a BBQ? Small BBQ’s are allowed, large BBQ’s, fires or bonfires, camp fires are NOT allowed. Are Generators allowed? ONLY Diesel Generators are allowed. NO Petrol of any description will be permitted on site. If your generator is desturbing others we reserve the right to request that it is turned off. No generators are allowed after 10pm. Is there anything else I can’t bring? No fireworks, No Drones, No Household Furniture, sofas etc. No Fridges, no Large items at all. Where can I wash my car? There is a dedicated car wash facility.. Please turn off taps after use. Are there toilets on the camping area? Toilets - plastic porta loos are located throughout the camp site. Mains Showers and additional toilets including disabled toilets can be found marked on the map in your programme. I’m only 17 Can I go in the Dance Rooms? There are no age restrictions on the dance areas and are suitable for any age. There will be no drugs or underage drinking allowed anywhere at the event anyone caught will be removed from the site with no refund. Do I need ID? Photo ID is recommended if you are lucky enough to look under 21. You may be refused alcohol sales at the bars if you can not prove your age if challenged. Can I bring a Quad/Moped? Quads, Mopeds or similar is not allowed. Motorbikes etc for club stands / displays are permitted. I’m on a stand what time should I arrive? See event times for gate times. If you are on a Trade or Club stand you should be on your stand by 9am Saturday and Sunday morning as there is no car movement after 9.30am I’m staying in a hotel, can I come back for the night entertainment? You are welcome to return to the showground for the evening entertainment Friday and Saturday. What behaviour is expected of me? Any person involved in physical confrontation with another party or driving in a dangerous manner (including, wheel spinning, ‘donuts’ etc) will be immediately ejected with no prior warning - wristbands will be removed with no refund. Loud music, foul language, unruliness, etc. will not be tolerated. If a second warning is necessary, you will be escorted off the grounds with no refund. Can I Record, Film or Take Photos? Modified Nationals is a private event and as such filming is restricted to non-commercial photography (still or moving pictures). Any photos taken or filming done remains the copyright of No Limits Events and Promotions and as such by attending the event you agree that any and all photos/film be used by No Limits Events and Promotions at any time without further communication. Commercial photography / Photography for profit is forbidden without prior written consent and a fee paid. Can I sell goods? Only those booked in as traders are permitted to sell at the show, if you wish to sell please contact us for a booking form. Clubs are permitted to sell their club branded products from their club stands.


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