The BIG One (2Fife 2Furious) at Kirkcaldy Supported by FckWax



Start Date and time
5th October 2019
6:50 PM

End Date and time
5th October 2019
11:50 PM

Kirkcaldy Promenade Esplanade, Kirkcaldy, Fife, KY1 1QZ.


The massive annual cruise returns and this is going to be the biggest yet!!! Please check fb for the latest updates as the event gets close!! All welcome ???


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Meet your pals on the way by creating a convoy on Car Huddle

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We are NNR, No Nonsense Racing. We are a raceteam who is driving at We aim to be competitive as possible and drive as fast as we can. Currently we are driving the ProtoGT series with the HPD ARX-01c and in the Blancpain series with GT3 cars. No Nonsense Racing currently has 27 active drivers: Andy de Ruiter Bart Vandenryt Bas Visser Benjamin Zenner Christophe Vandeputte Clemet Wengen Dan Hald Madsen Elliot White George Wiseman Gerard Hendriksen Harry Damen Håkan Ågren Jan Van de Poel Jan Vincent Halle Javon Turman Jeroen Evers Marcel Slootbeek Massimo Locatello Mathias Wodschow Pawel Zielenkiewicz Peter de Haan Ronald Blankestijn Sameer Mohideen Sebastian Wojtkowiak Stephan Chantal Toby Bradwolff Yannick meuleman Claes Engquist History: NNR is a club which started on 11th of January 2014 originally on Forza. We started with 5 people Racing Dk, BalmierPie671, I insanity l, GAZ POT 71 and Adder020. There is not a specific leader, we decided with the 5 the things in the club. Our main site to race and help out was VM, but we also drove at VTCC. With Tora we all had not the best experience..... Our goal and ambition is to have competitve cars to go for teamchampionships, but also to have the best looking cars. We have some fast and consistent drivers to try and get the teamchampionship. The best looking is no contest, because we have the best graphic man you can wish for in a team ( BalmierPie671). Most of all, we want to have fun and no nonsense before, during or after the race. Drivers who were active in Forza Motorsport: I Insanity l GAZ POT 71 BalmierPie671 El gigant Schuey75 HERFORTH DK CRA Ease One Riwaly White shark nl Adder nl Racing DK tsafoot We will probably have forgotten some names, sorry about that. In the spring of 2014 some of us were leaving console and we went for Iracing on the PC. After some years of trying different series, Mathias Wodschow landed in Blancpain and got in touch with some Scandinavian drivers. They wanted to join NNR which resulted in the line up already mentioned. Our goal has not really been changed over the years, we still want to be competitive with the best looking car on the grid


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