Start Date and time
23rd March 2019
9:00 AM

End Date and time
23rd March 2019
3:30 PM

Bruntingthorpe, Lutterworth , LE17 5QS


Come down to the latest VMAX200 event by applying on the site or email craig@vmax200.com http://www.vmax200.com FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS IMPORTANT INFORMATION ARE SPECTATORS ALLOWED AT VMAX200? Unfortunately not. We only allow one driver and passenger per car. HOW MANY TIMES WILL I BE ABLE TO DRIVE ALONG THE RUNWAY AT THE EVENT? The simple answer is, within reason, as many times as you would like to. We limit the number of cars at each event to ensure everyone has enough time on the runway. Some drivers are content with 2 or 3 runs, some drive all day, running out of fuel before time! IS VMAX A COMPETITION? No, you only go as fast as you are comfortable with, there is no pressure and we encourage drivers to build up slowly and carefully until they become accustomed to the speed and conditions on the day. HOW DO I KNOW MY “VMAX”? We use laser speed traps just before the braking zone to measure your vehicle’s speed. We also use radar guns at the start line to measure 0-60, 0-100, 1/4 mile and 1/2 mile times. WHAT TYPE OF CARS COME TO VMAX? Everything and anything from Koenigsegg, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, Aston Martin, Lotus, Noble, Ultima, AMG, BMW M cars and Audi RS, Maserati, TVR and also a very surprising Nissan Qashquai which clocked 237mph! WHAT SAFETY MEASURES DO YOU UNDERTAKE? Prior to the event we ask for each drivers history and medical conditions, we give advice on vehicle checks which we advise are taken. On arrival at Vmax drivers are given a full safety briefing and low speed awareness lap of the circuit. Drivers run singly until they are confident. We also never operate without a full safety and fire crew with a paramedic and we also have all appropriate public liability insurance in place as well as a team of marshals who will offer advice and guidance at every step. Nobody gets onto the runway until they are fully confident. If anything occurs during the event we halt proceedings until the course is completely safe for everyone. Safety is paramount to us. WHAT IS THE HIGHEST VMAX RECORDED? The Koenigsegg One:1 holds the current record at 245.60mph set on 29th September 2018 MY CAR IS LIMITED TO 155MPH, WHAT IS THE POINT OF ME COMING? With prior arrangement we can have the limiter removed for you. HOW DO I BOOK A PLACE? Simply fill out an application form or email us at craig@vmax200.com


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DRIVE YOUR CAR TO ITS LIMITS Vmax200 is the UKs premier top–speed driving event where owners of sports cars, supercars and hypercars gather at a private runway to drive their cars to their limits. Amongst the non-stop action, participants set off in pairs and test their cars 0-60mph times as well as their top speeds. Since its launch in 2002, Vmax200 has hosted the World’s most exotic and iconic cars as owners come to explore their limits in a safe and controlled environment. Recent events saw a supercar showdown which featured the McLaren P1 & F1, Koenigsegg One:1, La Ferrari , Porsche 918 Spyder, Pagani Zonda & Bugatti Veyron Supersport amongst others! In 2014 Vmax200 became part of the Auto Vivendi group, aligning the World’s top supercar club and speed-based events business alongside each other, enabling clients of both to enjoy an even greater array of supercar experiences. For more information on Auto Vivendi see www.autovivendi.com VMAX200 SEPTEMBER 2018 CAR TOP SPEED 121 - Koenigsegg One:1 245.60 RSN - Koenigsegg Agera RSN 241.10 AR1 - Koenigsegg Agera R 229.01 3 - P911 TOM 214.52 35 - BMW M5 Velocity 213.90 720 - McLaren 720 213.49 44 - McLaren 720 211.08 997 - Porsche 911 Turbo 209.89 39 - Pure Turbos M3 209.30 26 - Audi R8 GT 206.02 60 - Nissan GTR 203.96 9 - Audi RS6 203.03 812 - Ferrari 812 Superfast 201.03 28 - Brabus 200.48 760 - Audi RS6 196.96 41 - McLaren 12C 196.96 64 - Audi R8 196.78 AVV - Nissan GTR 194.90 46 - Audi R8 193.55 42 - Lamborghini Gallardo 192.88 666 - BMW M5 192.55 19 - Audi RS7 192.05 57 - Lamborghini Gallardo SL 191.72 GTR - Nissan GTR 191.40 38 - Audi RS7 190.91 56 - Alfa Romeo Guilia QF 189.31 36 - Mercedes E 188.81 54 - Porsche 991 Turbo 188.81 43 - McLaren 12C 188.65 5 - BMW M4 188.18 458 - Ferrari 458 187.88 22 - Audi RS4 187.73 68 - BMW M3 187.07 400 - Noble M400 186.61 67 - BMW M4 186.45 14 - BMW F80 M3 186.30 49 - BMW M3 185.52 53 - Mercedes C63 Coupe 184.61 62 - Aston Martin V12 Vantage 184.61 66 - Wrench HCP M140i 183.85 20 - Ford Focus RS 183.09 24 - BMW M4 182.35 47 - Lotus Exige 430 Cup 181.17 25 - Ultima GTR 178.14 55 - Porsche 991 GTS 177.43 69 - Aston Martin DB11 176.87 4 - BMW M4 Convertible 173.44 12 - Aston Martin DB9 173.31 48 - Audi RS3 172.19 16 - Alfa Romeo 8C 171.98 40 - Audi RS3 171.19 45 - Audi RS4 Avant 171.19 23 - Audi RS3 167.35 70 - BMW M2 164.29 18 - BMW 161.55 G60 - Porsche Cayman 161.08 11 - Audi RS6 160.04 7- Mercedes AMG CL55 158.00 34 - Holden HSV 156.44 8 - Maserati GTS 152.52 58 - VW Golf R 149.86 6 - BMW M5 149.26 65 - Audi RS3 143.06 12 - Aston Martin DB9 140.00 17 - Range Rover Velar 135.17 50 - Audi RS6 111.04 RS2 - Ford Focus RS 64.00 We would love to hear from you. Please contact us by whichever method is most convenient for you, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. VMAX200 LTD 39 Greville Road, London, NW6 5JJ View on Google maps 0207 625 9400 info@vmax200.com . . VMAX200 is part of the Auto Vivendi group of companies. Auto Vivendi is a private members supercar club that serves its global client base from its London headquarters. As well as providing members with convenient access to a collection of the world’s best supercars, the Club organises a host of lifestyle events, including exclusive driving tours, trips to motor shows by private jet, wine and champagne tastings, and glamorous F1 experiences to name but a few. Quite simply, Auto Vivendi provides members, corporate clients and private groups with unrivalled access to a supercar lifestyle. For more information about Auto Vivendi please visit http://autovivendi.com/ To see the latest Club news please click here http://www.autovivendi.com/news


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