South Sitting: The Rise



Start Date and time
20th April 2019
1:00 PM

End Date and time
20th April 2019
9:00 PM

Aldershot, , TBC


South sitting presents THE RISE! Our fourth instalment to our big events. Authorised land and a place to show off your car, meet like minded people and relax. Multiple things to do: DJ's/MC's, Food van, Attending Clubs with stands: Modified UTD Shock smashers UK Kuruma shakai Modified outlaws Team send it666 Sussex modders Surrey boosters Team slipworks Sunday skidders R3dlin3rs UK Ragit S&H Vaux & VXR Club will be attending /Modified & Racerz UK Smokintyrez Convoys: The same street rules apply for this event! This event will start at 1pm. That means gates open at 1pm. Please don’t arrive earlier than this as you will not be allowed entry into the land and connecting road leading up to the event is also private and you maybe be issued a parking ticket, unless queuing for entry the event at 1pm. Event will start finishing at 8:30pm to close for 9pm On arriving if you have brought a prepaid ticket you will be expected to print it off and have it at hand at the gate. Please respect the leading road to the event and passers by. Once through the gates you will be directed where to go. Some of the surface is gravel so please do not ! Burnout ! If you are caught doing burnouts or drifting without marshal authority YOU WILL BE KICKED OUT. *Tickets* £4 per person via PayPal send to via family and friends with your full name vehicle registration and your currently used email attached as notes. Please allow 24hours for your ticket to come through Entry will be £5 per person on the gate, so please bring the correct change and have it to hand to speed your entry processes up. Again your entry fee will not be refundable. 1 free child ( under 12) per paying adult . Stay tuned for more details ?? Please get in touch with the admin and rep team to Get your club space ! If any other traders , stalls or vans want to attend on the day please get in touch with someone from the admin or rep team. *To all attending!* We at South Sitting want you to have the best time possible at our first private event, for that to be achieved we need you to cooperate with us. All we're asking is for you to read and sign this form obeying the rules and taking into consideration the disclaim. Any questions come find an admin on the night, we will be wearing high visibility jackets, or drop a post in the event page. *Rules* No fireworks No erratic driving whatsoever unless in the skid pan. Only drive in the places marked by the admins. Please park sensibly and where told. Please respect and listen to the admins. If on the skid pan you MUST do as the admins say immediately. Do not park on any of the roads outside of the venue (parking tickets may be issued by the land owners). Please be safe and sensible when entering and exiting the venue. FAILURE TO COMPLY WITH THESE RULES MAY RESULT IN BEING ASKED TO LEAVE AND BANNED FROM FUTURE MEETS *Terms & Conditions of Participation* I declare that I have read and understood the Terms and Conditions issued for the event and agree to be bound by them. In exchange for being able to attend or participate in the event, I agree: 1. To release South Sitting and any promoters, sponsor organisations, land owners and organisers of the event, their respective employees, officials, representatives subcontractors and agents (collectively, the “Associated Entities”) from all liability for my death, personal injury (including burns), psychological trauma, loss or damage (including property damage and loss or damage to personal possessions) (”harm”) howsoever arising from my participation in or attendance at the event, whether caused by the negligence of any of the Associated Entities or otherwise, except that the liability of any of the Associated Entities carrying on a business is not limited in relation to death or personal injury arising from negligence on the part of any such Associated Entities; 2. To indemnify the Associated Entities and each of them from any loss, liability, damage or cost they may incur arising out of or relating to my attendance at or participation in the event; 3. To attend or participate in the event at my own risk and voluntarily assume all risks; and 4. That this release and waiver of liability, assumption of risk and indemnity agreement extends to all acts of negligence by the Associated Entities, save for the exception in paragraph 1 above, including negligent rescue operation, and is intended to be as broad and inclusive as is permitted by law, and that if any portion thereof is held invalid, it is agreed that the balance shall not withstanding continue in full legal force and effect. I acknowledge that: The risks associated with attending or participating in the event include the risk that I may suffer harm as a result of: A. Motor vehicles (or parts of them) colliding with other motor vehicles, persons or property; B. Acts of violence and other harmful acts (whether intentional or inadvertent) committed by persons attending or participating in the event; and C. The failure or unsuitability of facilities (including grand-stands, fences and guard rails) to ensure the safety of persons or property at the event. I accept the conditions of, and acknowledge the risks arising from, attending or participating in the event and being provided with the event services of South Sitting. I agree that I will carry out the experience in accordance with the specific safety briefing instruction that I will receive before undertaking the experience. I agree to follow all instructions and shall ensure my safety at all times. I understand that the experience requires a moderate level of fitness and is physically testing. I accept that there is a risk of injury when undertaking such activities. D.I have read the complete terms and conditions provided to me by South Sitting and i acknowledge that entry into The Rise on Saturday 20th of April 2019 is my agreement and cooperation to abide by all the terms set out by South Sitting and all its entities. Thank you South Sitting Admin Team And see you all soon!


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