Crotch Coolers Classic Car Sunday



Start Date and time
5th July 2020
2:00 PM

End Date and time
5th July 2020
5:00 PM

The Departure Lounge Cafe, Alton, GU34 4BH


THE MEET Classic Car Sunday is Alton's big monthly meet that takes place on the first Sunday of each month over the summer. The free meet starts at 2.00pm, where owners can take part in a chilled and relaxed Sunday afternoon classic car gathering. The site has ample free parking on a dedicated event field. The Cafe has full facilities and is filled with retro and vintage charm. ENTRY There is a strict pre 1990 entry requirement for cars, bikes and trucks on the event field. People without pre 1990 cars are welcome to attend and can park in the public parking area. LOCATION The Departure Lounge Cafe, Basingstoke Rd, Alton GU34 4BH Click on the poster for the event to go to our Facebook page for the event. #ClassicCarEvent #ClassicCarMeet #ClassicCar #CrotchCoolerMeet #ClassicCarSunday


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About Crotch Cooler Classic Car Events Web address: Twitter feed: Crotch Cooler Classic Car Events are purveyors of classic car meetings and cruises in the south of England. Crotch Cooler was born out of a love and passion for classic cars. Our plan is simply to create events and activities that embrace and celebrate the diversity in classic cars, whilst allowing owners to meet, cruise and show off their vehicles. We aim to create mini events with a mix of classic cars offering an alternative to club nights or one marque only shows and meets. Our events are open to all owners of pre 1990 classic cars. General Information Email address: Web address: Twitter feed: All images and artwork posted by Crotch Cooler remain the intellectual copyright of Crotch Cooler 2013/2016 Founding date 2013 Products Classic Car Sunday


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