Modified Nationals



Start Date and time
29th May 2020
10:00 AM

End Date and time
31st May 2020
3:00 PM

Peterborough Show Ground, Peterborough, PE2 6XE


Modified Nationals Performance & Tuning Show The Biggest and Best Event you will go to in 2020. Held over two days the show gives you chance to not only take in some mind-blowing cars, but also really get into the spirit of the lifestyle and culture that surrounds them; With live action both on and off stage. Where else will you find Drifting Demonstrations or your chance to have a ride in one of these top competition Drift Cars sliding their way around the Live Action Arena alongside a full on Live Bands Stage & DJ Stage, Superbike Stunt Arena, Trade Stands and much more. You won’t, is the simple answer…! Dont miss your chance to be part of it !! ABOUT US Modified Nationals is the UK's largest indoor car event dedicated to Performance, Modifications & Hot Rods. We attract both the car club element and the individual enthusiast. We offer the modified car enthusiast the opportunity to enjoy their cars in the company of like-minded individuals. We provide a fully packaged weekend for them to enjoy their hobby. We have developed the event to give you the trader the opportunity to offer them everything from trying out the latest technology, purchasing the newest modified must have, purchasing detailing products, to getting an insurance quote for their modified car. Modified Nationals saw its first ever event in 2003, since then it has grown year on year to the 24,000+ visitor event it is today. TRADE WITH US Exhibitions can be an excellent way to promote a business and the products and services that it offers. They are also a great way to network with other industry members and grow the customer base exponentially. One of the main objectives of any show is to showcase, various business, goods, and services to attendees. Furthermore, trade shows offer an unparalleled opportunity for face-to-face interactions with a wide array of potential customers, something that most advertising and marketing mediums fail to do. Add an attractive trade / exhibition stall and it becomes fairly simple to leave a lasting impression on the potential customer for a long time to come. Given that each visitor has a potential customer within him/her that is ready to be tapped, the potential for lead generation becomes immense. Simply asking for contact information of the visitors can go a long way in getting fresh leads and converting them. All that a business would need to do, is getting in touch with the leads right after the exhibition. If you would like to discuss your space with Mark please call 07376257168 or email with contact details and we will call you.


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ULTIMATE SHOW CAR COMPETITION Sponsored By - Dodo Juice Ultimate Show Car Exhibition Hall - Closing date May 1st 2020 To apply to show your car inside the Exhibition Hall - Go to our Ticket page - Purchase your "Club Car/Show Car Weekend Ticket" - Complete the form below add your photos and ticket number. To display your vehicle in the hall you need to purchase a WEEKEND ticket. ALL cars entered for the Ultimate Show Car Competition will be judged on the photos they send in for a place inside the Exhibition Hall. 16 cars will be chosen for the Dodo Juice Show Car Carpet. Those not chosen for inside positions will be considered for the Plaza. If not chosen for the plaza will be offered a "Outdoor Life" position or will have the option of a club stand. FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM | CONTACT modified 20 logo very small GREENLIGHT SHOW & SHINE - PLAZA Show Plaza - Sponsored by Greenlight Insurance Closing date May 15th This area is outside the Exhibition Halls main doors. - Go to our Ticket page. - Purchase your "Club Car / Show Car" Weekend Ticket - Complete the form below add your photos and ticket number. FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM | CONTACT modified 20 logo very small SHOW & SHINE - DRIVE-IN SHOW CAR Outdoor Life - Drive-in Show Car This option is outside, you do NOT need to complete the form. - Go to our Ticket page. - Purchase your "Club Car / Show Car" Weekend Ticket - Or/ Purchase your "Drive-in Show Car" Day Ticket CLUB TICKETS Get your tickets before Jan 31st and save extra on the advance prices..............!! FAQ's Can I buy tickets if I’m not showing my car? Everyone is welcome. Just purchase a General Admission Ticket. What time can I get in? Queue Jump - can arrive from 10am Friday Weekend Admission - can arrive Friday from 2pm Gate Closes - Friday 10pm Weekend Gate re-opens - Saturday 7.30am for those with weekend tickets or those on stands Show Times Day Gate opens - 9.30am - 5pm Saturday & Sunday. I can’t come until Sat ? That’s ok, you only need to arrive in time to be on your stand (if it applies) Can I Play music in the camp site? Only QUIET music (No Bass) is permitted in the camping areas. All music should be at a reasonable level so as not to disturb anyone else. No independent sound systems allowed. No music is allowed after 9pm. The evening entertainment is open until till 3am for those who want to stay up and listen to music. Can I park next to my tent? Camping with your car is allowed in Club Camping only. General camping the parking is close to the tents only camping area. Driving around the campsite will not be permitted. Zero tolerance, you will be removed from site if you are found driving around the campsite. What is Dangerous Driving? Donuts, Sliding, Drifting is NOT permitted. Anyone driving in a dangerous manner will have their wristband removed and be removed from site. Will my vehicle be searched? Vehicles will be searched on arrival at the venue for forbidden items. What are the rules about Vehicle movement? Modified Nationals is a static event. There is no vehicle movement on the grounds between 9am and 5pm Saturday and Sunday. There is a Curfew of 10pm Friday on entry to the campsite for and 9pm Saturday. Once in the campsite vehicle movement is FORBIDDEN unless you are moving your vehicle to your show position. Can I bring a Caravan/Motorhome? A Reserved camping pitch is recommended. Caravans/Motorhomes will be allowed in the camping areas at no extra charge. However once on site they will not be allowed to move once parked up. Can I bring a Dog? Sorry, Dogs are not allowed on site. Can I bring Alcohol? You are permitted to bring you own alcohol. ONLY cans or plastic bottles will be allowed. Glass is not allowed on site. Can I bring a BBQ? Small BBQ’s are allowed, large BBQ’s, fires or bonfires, camp fires, fire pits are NOT allowed. Are Generators allowed? ONLY Diesel Generators are allowed. NO Petrol of any description will be permitted on site. If your generator is disturbing others we reserve the right to request that it is turned off. No generators are allowed after 10pm. Is there anything else I can’t bring? No fireworks, No Drones, No Household Furniture, sofas etc. No Fridges, no Large items at all. Where can I wash my car? There is a dedicated car wash facility.. Please turn off taps after use. Are there toilets on the camping area? Toilets - plastic porta loos are located throughout the camp site. Mains Showers and additional toilets including disabled toilets can be found marked on the map in your programme. I’m only 17 Can I go in the Dance Rooms? There are no age restrictions on the dance areas and are suitable for any age. There will be no drugs or underage drinking allowed anywhere at the event anyone caught will be removed from the site with no refund. Under 18's MUST be accompanied by an adult. Do I need ID? Photo ID is recommended if you are lucky enough to look under 21. You may be refused alcohol sales at the bars if you can not prove your age if challenged. Can I bring a Quad/Moped? Quads, Mopeds or similar is not allowed. Motorbikes etc for club stands / displays are permitted. I’m on a stand what time should I arrive? See event times for gate times. If you are on a Trade or Club stand you should be on your stand by 9am Saturday and Sunday morning as there is no car movement after 9.30am I’m staying in a hotel, can I come back for the night entertainment? You are welcome to return to the showground for the evening entertainment Friday and Saturday. Parking is by the Event Office at Gate 3. What behaviour is expected of me? Any person involved in physical confrontation with another party or driving in a dangerous manner (including, wheel spinning, ‘donuts’ etc) will be immediately ejected with no prior warning - wristbands will be removed with no refund. Loud music, foul language, unruliness, etc. will not be tolerated. If a second warning is necessary, you will be escorted off the grounds with no refund. Can I Record, Film or Take Photos? Modified Nationals is a private event and as such filming is restricted to non-commercial photography (still or moving pictures). Any photos taken or filming done remains the copyright of No Limits Events and Promotions and as such by attending the event you agree that any and all photos/film be used by No Limits Events and Promotions at any time without further communication. Commercial photography / Photography for profit is forbidden without prior written consent and a fee paid. Can I sell goods? Only those booked in as traders are permitted to sell at the show, if you wish to sell please contact us for a booking form. Clubs are permitted to sell their club branded products from their club stands. Weekend Tickets (Arrive from 2pm) £45 (£50 afterJan 31st / £60 on the gate) Queue Jump (Arrive from 10am) £50 (£55 after Jan 31st / £65 on the gate) Single Day (Arrive from 7.30am) £18 (£22.50 on the gate) Booking fee applies to all tickets. No Refunds. NOTE - CLUB STAND SPACE MUST BE BOOKED IN ADVANCE The min number of cars for a Club Stand is 5. there is no max number. If you do not have the required 5 by the closing date you can still show together on the Drive-in show car area.


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