Sundays at Port Solent



Start Date and time
25th October 2020
10:00 AM

End Date and time
25th October 2020
12:30 PM

Port Solent, The Boardwalk, Portsmouth, PO64TP


This is a friendly car meet, restaurants are near by for breakfast, please read the rules! Covid secure rules for Port Solent car meet: Under the new guidance for gatherings and following a risk assessment, we are instructed by Port Solent Management, that the following COVID secure rules must be strictly followed by anyone bringing a vehicle to participate in the car meet (‘exhibitors’): (1) Vehicles must be parked only in every third bay (so that there are 2 bays separating each vehicle); (2) No members of public should be invited to sit in or touch vehicles; (3) Vehicles must be locked if unattended; (4) Exhibitors must remain at their vehicle if bonnet is open to display engine; (5) A sign must be displayed prominently on windscreen or on dash of each vehicle stating that ‘Only members of one household or bubble may gather to view this vehicle at one time’. We will provide exhibitors with a sign on arrival. Please also note: (A) Port Solent have allocated the whole of car park 1 for the car meet which will enable up to 85 exhibitor’s cars to be parked at any one time (based on every third space being used) (B) Please do not enter car park 1 before 09h45. If you do, you will be asked to remove your car and come back after 09h45. (C) Only the entrance to car park 1 will be open and the exit will be blocked. Therefore, when leaving, please exit carefully via the entrance. This is to enable the number of exhibitor’s vehicles parked up to be actively monitored and kept within the permitted maximum of 85 vehicles. (D) Anyone who wishes to visit the car meet but is not an exhibitor is kindly asked to park in one of the other car parks at port Solent (as the whole of car park 1 is reserved for exhibitors). (E) As always, please follow the directions of marshals and please be patient.


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