Dayinsure Wales Rally GB Rally of Legends



Start Date and time
4th October 2018
9:00 AM

End Date and time
7th October 2018
11:00 PM

Pant Mawr, Wales, wales, SY18 6SY


Welcome. You’ve arrived. This is rallying. This is Dayinsure Wales Rally GB. Brace yourself for the most staggering sensory assault. That’s assuming you’re reading this leaning up against a tree in Dyfi, killing time as you wait for a world champion, 380 horses and a lot of noise. If you’re reading it in your favourite armchair on a future Saturday evening hoping to avoid Strictly, you’re going to be disappointed. Dancing’s just dancing. But rallying’s dancing at 100mph, on snow, mud, ice, gravel and asphalt. But what really is rallying? For those of you used to consuming your motor sport trackside, you’ve ventured into a very different – but we like to think very much better – parallel universe. The first thing you need to know is that you’ll one be seeing one car at a time in the corner before you. You’ll also notice, there’s no run-off, no ARMCO and no gravel traps. Just gravel. Rallying is motor sport in an environment we can relate to, in cars we recognise as the ones we buy every time we’ve paid the last one off. World Championship rounds - of which Dayinsure Wales Rally GB is the 11th - start on a Thursday evening and finish on a Sunday lunchtime. This year’s event will start by returning to the popular venue at Tir Prince, just outside Towyn on the north Wales coast where the cars and crews will go against the clock on a track. Next morning, the cars leave their service areas in the Deeside Rally Village. Service is where they are tended to by a team of mechanics who can do loads of things like changing gearboxes or front suspension in no time at all and without any invoices or abuse of the driver’s wallet. They also do the more mundane work here, such as cleaning the windscreen, topping up washer fluid and making sure the crew have a couple of energy bars or bananas in their door pockets. Out of service, the cars are driven along liaison sections – between service and the competitive stages – in accordance with each individual country’s traffic laws. So, where the speed limit’s 30mph in Newtown for you and I, it’s exactly the same for them. If they break the law on the road, they’re treated just like you and I. Dayinsure Wales Rally GB has 23 stages in 2018 spread over Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. A stage is the name for the road between the stage start and flying finish. It’s the time it takes a crew to get from start to finish that decides who’s quickest in that stage while the accumulated time from all 23 stages will decide the winner of the rally. Stages in the WRC are run on all surfaces and to all lengths, but in Wales this year they range from the brand new street stage in Llandudno to the much more typical 20Km test in Myherin first thing Saturday morning. In these stages, the aim for the crew is simple, to go as fast as humanly and mechanically possible without crashing, spinning or breaking the car. And that’s the challenge, that’s the hook – the race is against the clock. Fastest wins. We could get more technical here, but let’s save that for another day. For now, put the programme down and wait for your world and these woods to be rocked.


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On the stage • DANGER NO SPECTATORS BEYOND THIS POINT – means what it says • Look after yourself and don’t place yourself or others in danger • Plan to be in your chosen location 45 minutes before the first car is due • Look after your children • No dogs unless disabled-assistance dogs • First aid is available at all stage car parks • There might be random bag searches at some venues, please be patient and allow extra time The FIA Safety Delegate will expect everyone to be in location when they come around, this will be 30-40 minutes before the first car is due. Marshals will give a long blow on their whistle to advise you that you MUST now be in your final location (and standing up). The Safety Delegate and/or the Organisers can and will cancel stages if people are not standing in appropriate places. Many competitors carry on-board cameras. The footage is viewed by Rally Control throughout the event. If spectators are seen in unacceptable locations the stage can and will be stopped. Environment • Take your litter home or put it in the bins provided. Black bin liners will be provided • No fires or barbeques • The ground WILL be uneven – it is a forest, tread carefully • No fireworks • Follow the countryside code Suspicious items Please ensure you keep your belongings with you at all times. Do not leave bags etc lying around if you move to a different viewing area. If you see an unattended or suspicious item: 6 • • • • • Do not touch Try to identify an owner in the immediate area If you still feel it’s suspicious or you feel concerned, don’t be embarrassed or think anyone else will report it Report it to the nearest marshal whether in a tabard near you or a radio marshal in their car. If it is before the competitors have started, please stop one of the safety cars and advise them of your concerns Move away to a safe distance – ideally at least 100m It is a condition of entry that you agree to a search of your vehicle, property or person if selected. REMEMBER – if you think it’s suspicious – say something RALLY CARS CAN DO THE UNEXPECTED SO, FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY AND THAT OF OTHERS, PLEASE: • Respect the marshals and follow their instructions • Observe the colour-coded tape and all signage • Use the natural environment to protect yourself • Don’t walk on the rally stage • Stay standing and remain alert • Remember that alcohol and drugs can impair your responses and threaten your safety


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